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EZ SNAP Connector - 50-PACK

Item #: EZSC - 50P

Price: $140.00/50 Pack


EZ SNAP Connector PLUS the Inverter Connector As Seen In Photo

The Amazing "NEW" EZ SNAP Connector... Do not let the size of this small connector fool you it is PACKED with over 5 years of development and thousands of hours of testing. You get the EZ SNAP Connector PLUS the Inverter Connector. Check out the video below......

Game Changer..... Now anyone can connect El Wire to a Connector in a SNAP with the EZ SNAP Connector. NO More soldering required..... NO more shrink tubing..... NO more electricity to power solder iron and heat gun required......

Just strip the end of the El Wire..... Place El Wire in the EZ SNAP Connector and SNAP it closed and you are done.....

This connector is a Game Changer with so many advantages


"VIDEO" - EZ SNAP Connector - Advantages

"VIDEO" - How To Use The EZ SNAP Connector PLUS Tips

"VIDEO" - How To Open The EZ SNAP Connector

"VIDEO" - How Strong Is The EZ SNAP Connector


  • Connector is Patented
  • SAVES You Time and Money - No More Soldering, No More Shrink Tubing, No More Trying To Solder Small Hair Thin Wires, No More Electricity Required and NO More Intimidation .... Just Strip The End of The El Wire and Let The EZ SNAP Connector Do All The Work
  • Size: L 1.19" x W .63" x H .31"
  • Weight: Less Then 0.1 Ounces
  • INCLUDES: Fifty (50) EZ SNAP Connector. Each SNAP Connector Has An Inverter Connector Attached As Shown In Photo
  • Water Resistant - (NOT Waterproof) If water gets inside it is easy to open the connector and wipe it dry and SNAP shut and you are back up and running again
  • Connector Can Be Reused A Few Time
  • This is a MUST have item that just made working with El Wire a SNAP....

    Discount for Quantities of 500 or more. Contact us for Pricing