BRONZE Class 2.2mm El Wire

Item #: BRNZ-2.2MM

Price: $0.52/Enter Feet


Our NEW BRONZE Class 2.2mm El Wire is a GREAT VALUE and is "ONLY sold by the foot. GREAT for those el wire projects that will only be used once or used as a give-a-way or for those projects where budget and cost are important.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - Think of the BRONZE Class El Wire as one of the winners in the Olympics. The BRONZE Class offers you a great el wire at a very reasonable price that will put your project on the winners podium.

The BRONZE Class El Wire will ONLY be sold by the foot so take advantage of the amazing price and get started on your project NOW...... ONE Great ADVANTAGE of the BRONZE Class El Wire is you can power 30% more wire then what our inverter says it can power.

Why get the NEW BRONZE Class 2.2mm El Wire?

  • Amazing El Wire at a very affordable cost
  • Great for those projects where your budget is a concern but you need good el wire
  • ADVANTAGE of the BRONZE El Wire? You can power 30% more of the BRONZE El Wire on any of our inverters
  • AWESOME for those onetime use projects or those give away gifts

    The Bronze Class El Wire is not as bright as the Gold Class El Wire and just a little less brighter then the Silver Class El Wire but for the price, you are getting a very good product.