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Item #: MSTIK-9FT

Price: $14.95/Each


See More Nibbles and Catch More Fish

MoonStik is an amazing battery-powered (2-AAA batteries not included) fishing rod light that attaches to any 1-piece fishing pole and makes your entire rod visible all night long.

With MoonStik, you can can see every nibble at night which INCREASES your odds of landing the "BIG ONE".

Catch More Fish....Your Rod Is Safer When Lighted At Night....

  • Battery Inverter is Waterproof
  • Includes Detailed Instructions On The Back Of The Product With Pictures On How To Attach TO Your Existing or New Pole
  • Provides Safety At Night Because Of Better Visibility
  • Never Miss A Nibble
  • Designed For One-Piece Poles
  • Long Battery Life