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Neon car lighting and emergency safety light kits.

Do you have an emergency neon car lighting kit (safety bright lighting) as part of your vehicle roadside safety preparation?

Neon bright car safety lighting will help keep you, your passengers and your vehicle visible during roadside distress situations such as flat tires, engine trouble, empty gas tanks, etc. When you are stranded on the roadside, a safety car lighting kit is the one safety product that will ensure you stay visible.

Our Emergency 2-hour Light Sticks are high intensity bright glow sticks (or light kits) and come in a 10-pack. This emergency glow neon light kit system needs no power supply or special tools and is superior to the road flare.

Emergency 2-hour neon car lighting kit features:

  • Chemically lighted - non-toxic, non-explosive, non-flammable and waterproof
  • Generates no heat, flame or sparks
  • Requires no batteries, flames or electricity
  • Up to 2 hours of high intensity glow
  • ½ mile visibility
  • Easily activated and ready to use
  • Includes Bi-Pod Legs used for standing on the ground

These 10 inch super neon BRIGHT car lighting kits can help prevent many needless deaths on our nation's roadways. The portable neon light kits never need batteries and are dependable even in wind or rain.

Consider also our power safety vests with yellow Flex Wire™ lighting inlaid onto 3M reflective materials.

To learn more about neon bright car lighting kits call us at 800-643-3267 or Send Us Your Question.

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